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Agenda - Concerts and Exhibitions


Thursday 6 JUNE 2019 - 19:00

Address : Museumssaal, Museum Überlingen, Krummebergstraße 30 - 88662 Überlingen Germany

Bodenseefestival : Aufbrüche (Departures) - Piano recital

Hanna Bachmann, piano
Program :
- Lodewijk Mortelmans : Jeugd, Memories
- Ludwig van Beethoven : Sonate in c-Moll Op.10/1
- Peter Benoit : Suite Op.34 Nr. 3
- Sergej Prokofiev : Sonate in A-Dur Op.82
Two unjustly forgotten Belgian composers of late romanticism are to be discovered: Peter Benoit, revered by his fellow countrymen as the "father of Flemish music", and his pupil Lodewijk Mortelmans wrote incredibly atmospheric piano miniatures. The young Austrian pianist Hanna Bachmann combines these rarities with repertoire classics: first Beethoven, whose early Sonata op. 10 No. 1 seemed to his audience to be ingenious, but also a little bizarre. Then Prokofiev with his stunningly virtuosic Sonata op. 82. It was allegedly inspired by a musical novel by Romain Rolland, in which Beethoven's piano sonatas play an important role.
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Friday 26 APRIL 2019 - 16:30

Address : MUHKA (Museum of Modern Art), Leuvenstraat 32 - 2000 Antwerpen

Course from 26-04-2019 till 28-06-2019

Belgian music of the 19th century

Between adoration and oblivion

The Belgians should be just about the least proud people in Europe when it comes to their own classical musical heritage. Names of great composers from Dutch music history are often only known because squares or streets have been named after them, or because they have a statue here or there. And even if we know names like Fétis, Gevaert or Gilson, we have to admit that there is little music that spontaneously comes to mind. Are we therefore not obliged to take a closer look at our own music history?
We are already taking up the challenge!
Belgium was able to occupy a unique place in European musical life: squeezed between France and the German-speaking world, its composers processed influences from both musical cultures into a unique mixture that might even be called "Belgian". In this course we will discuss national music, from the birth of Belgium in 1830 until the end of the First World War and its immediate aftermath. We sketch the portraits of a number of composers against the background of Belgian history and look for the cultural-historical value of the musical heritage that we can call our own. Along the way we get to know the oeuvre of composers such as: Guillaume Lekeu, François Fétis, François Servais, Henry Vieuxtemps, Joseph Ryelandt, Joseph Jongen, Adolphe Biarent, August De Boeck, Paul Gilson, César Franck, Lodewijk Mortelmans and of course not to forget: Peter Benoit.
David Vergauwen, teacher
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Wednesday 10 APRIL 2019 - 12:30-13:20

Address : Muziekinstrumentenmuseum (MIM), Hofberg 2 - 1000 Brussels

Pianorecital Middagconcerten Brussel

Jozef De Beenhouwer, piano
Program :
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
     Partita Nr.1 in Bes (Si bémol majeur), BWV 825 (Leipzig, 1826)
     - Praeludium
     - Allemande
     - Corrente
     - Menuet I & II
     - Giga
Clara Schumann (1819-1896)
     Variationen über ein Thema von Robert Schumann, Op.20 - (Düsseldorf, Mei-Juni 1853)
Lodewijk Mortelmans (1868-1952)
     - Het Wielewaalt en Leeuwerkt [Like a singing Bird] (1921)
Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
     - Nocturne in B (Si majeur), Op.62 Nr.1 (ca 1845)
     - Barcarolle, Op.60 (1845-46)
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Monday 21 JANUARY 2019

Program : GOLDBERG (00:00 - 06:00)
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Het wielewaalt en leeuwerkt [05:29]
Peter Vanhove, piano

Wednesday 16 JANUARY 2019

Program : GOLDBERG (00:00 - 06:00)
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Lyrische pastorale [07:50]
Ivo Hadermann, Horn - Geert Callaert, piano
AIROPHONIC 541149980132

Sunday 13 JANUARY 2019 - 11:00-12:00

Address : Kraakhuis Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Godhuizenlaan 2 - 9000 Gent

Recital Duo Adelfoi - Young Masters #3

Organisation : Florestan Bataillie and Ludovic Bataillie
Florestan Bataillie, piano
Florestan Bataillie, violin
Program and info :
The Duo Adelfoi plays their debut here in De Bijloke. This with a festive programme around masterpieces by Schubert and Grieg. They will also dive into the Belgian repertoire and perform the beautiful Romanza by Lodewijk Mortelmans and finally two of their own compositions.