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Address : Metropolis Music Publishers, Kloosterstraat 2 - 2870 Puurs-Sint-Amands


COMPLETELY REVISED EDITION - Miniatures for piano - by Lodewijk Mortelmans

Publication : Metropolis Music Publishers

The Mortelmans Foundation wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jozef de Beenhouwer and Christa Steenhuyse-Vandevelde for their incredible commitment and dedication. Together they have brought this revision to a high-quality result.

The Miniatures are a collection of 31 short piano pieces composed by Mortelmans between 1929 and 1947.
Towards the end of his life, he had them published in three volumes (II and III from 1949) by the Antwerp publisher Metropolis (Old House G. Prop).
These editions are used as the main source because they were probably verified by Mortelmans himself. It was possible to find out exactly where and when almost all these pieces were written, thanks to information in these old editions and in extant signatures.
These signatures also made it possible to correct some errors in the old editions. Moreover, some of them also contain different phrasing, different tempo indications and different titles, which have not been reproduced in this reissue. There are also autographs that provide several Miniatures with French-language titles, which are identical to those in the old editions and can therefore be considered authentic. This new edition has been completely re-engraved to modern standards. The edition has been revised by Jozef De Beenhouwer and Christa Steenhuyse-Vandevelde, both experts in the repertoire of Lodewijk Mortelmans. 80 pages, including introduction, source references and commentary.  
(Miniatures I) (Miniatures II) (Miniatures III)
Landelijke Dans Nederig Bloempje Nachtmijmering
Moeders Slaapliedeken Fra Angelico's Dansende Engelen Innerlijke Vreugde
Lyrisch Ogenblik Improvisatie Jeugd
Vreugde Kinderhartje Weemoed
Eenvoud Weemoedig Aandenken Stemmingsstukje (in a)
Melodisch Interludium Doodsanctje Stemmingsstukje (in A)
De Liereman Eenvoudig liedje Lenteopwelling
Ernstige Overweging Kristintje Danst Herfststemming
Plechtige Stemming Adagio Religioso Door Stille Kloostergangen
Weemoedig Slaapliedeken voor Bobby Innerlijk Klokkenspel Wijding


From 16 DECEMBER 2023 till 14 APRIL 2024

Address : Museum Mu.Zee, Romestraat 11 - 8400 Oostende


Rose, Rose, Rose à mes yeux.
James Ensor and still life in Belgium from 1830 to 1930. 1930.

Organisation : Museum Muzee Oostende
The Mortelmans Foundation is providing eight works by Frans Mortelmans to MuZee for the time of this event.
.. This exhibition concentrates entirely on James Ensor's still lifes for the first time. Some fifty works from Ensor's important output in this field - from the first bourgeois examples over the 'haunted' still lifes of the 1890s to the ethereal, dreamy examples of the late period - serve as the backbone and calibration for an overview of still life in Belgium between 1830 and 1930. Several talented painters in this century seek how to recharge the genre, which had degenerated into a showy, decorative genre devoid of artistic commitment, both pictorially and iconographically. Ensor here simultaneously illustrates general development, and his own exceptional quality ..
.. The exhibition offers an overview of the 19th-century academic decorative tradition from Antoine Wiertz to Frans Mortelmans, featuring many forgotten, yet skilled and highly successful painters such as Jean Robie, Hubert Bellis, Alice Ronner, Georgette Meunier, Henri De Braekeleer. This is followed by a selection of painters such as Louis Thevenet, Léon De Smet, Leon Spilliaert, Gustave Van de Woestyne, Frits Van den Berghe, Marthe Donas, Walter Vaes, Jean Brusselmans, René Magritte ..
.. For the exhibition, cooperation has already been promised by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Antwerp and Brussels, the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent, several Belgian city museums, as well as numerous private collectors whose work is often very scarce in public collections. Further loans are expected from Dutch, German and American museums and private collections. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a publication containing, in addition to the catalogue of works on display, contributions on the significance of still life in the oeuvre of James Ensor and the history of still life in Belgium .. / EN




Sunday 19 NOVEMBER 2023  11:00

Address : Verlatzaal, Castle Cortewalle, Zwarte Dreef 2 - 9120 Beveren


Moments musicaux ‘Du holde Kunst’

Organisation : KPSK - Koninklijke Piet Stautkring
Elias van Dijck, piano
Program : Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert and Lodewijk Mortelmans



Sunday 15 OCTOBER 2023

PAVANE ADW 7547 NPO Klassiek NPO Klassiek Podcast - #206
Program : Calm with Classic - Autumn
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Herststemming
Peter Vanhove, piano




Wednesday 5 JULY 2023

Marco Polo 8.255101 WQXR Radio WQXR   NEW-YORK   Public Radio
Program : 10:28
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Mythe der Lente - Symphonic Poem
VRT Philharmonic Orchestra - Silveer Van den Broeck, conductor
Marco Polo 8.225101




4 dates and 4 addresses for 1 concert

Saturday 17 JUNE 2023   20:00-21:15

Address : Henri Le Boeuf Hall, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten - Ravensteinstraat 23 - 1000 Brussel

Sunday 11 JUNE 2023   15:00-16:15

Address : Blue Hall, De Singel - Desguinlei 25 - 2018 Antwerpen

Saturday 10 JUNE 2023   20:00-21:15

Address : Concert Hall, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke - Bijlokekaai 7 - 9000 Gent

Thursday 8 JUNE 2023   20:00-21:15

Address : Concert Hall, Concertgebouw Brugge - ‘t Zand 34 - 8000 Brugge

Mortelmans, Tubin, Brahms

Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen : Orchestra
Kristiina Poska, conductor
Josef Spacek, violin
Program :
Lodewijk Mortelmans - In Memoriam
Eduard Tubin - Concerto for violin nr 1 in D, ETW 19
Johannes Brahms - Symfony nr 1 in c, opus 68


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Friday 9 JUNE 2023   12:00

Address : Concert hall AMUZ Sint-Augustinuskerk - Kammenstraat 81 - 2000 Antwerp



Meruert Karmenova, violin
Ruben Plazier, piano
Program :
Robert Schumann - Sonate No.1 in A mineur, Op.105
    Mit leidenschaftlichem Ausdruck - Allegretto - Lebhaft
Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonate No.7 in C mineur, Op. 30 No.2
    Allegro con brio - Scherzo: Allegro - Finale: Allegro: Presto
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Romanza for violin and piano
Edvard Grieg - Sonate No.3 in C mineur Op.45
    Allegro molto ed appassionato - Allegretto espressivo alla Romanza - Allegro animato


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Tuesday 6 JUNE 2023

Marco Polo 8.255101 WQXR Radio WQXR   NEW-YORK   Public Radio
Program : 10:28
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Mythe der Lente - Symphonic Poem
VRT Philharmonic Orchestra - Silveer Van den Broeck, conductor
Marco Polo 8.225101




Friday 28 APRIL 2023   20:00

Address : Theatergarage, Bouwhandelstraat 72 - 2140 Antwerp


Kuriose Geschichte

In 'Kuriose Geschichte', the 'Kinderszenen' take centre stage alongside similar miniature works by Clara Schumann, August De Boeck and Lodewijk Mortelmans.
Using letters from Robert Schumann to his wife Clara, among others, we highlight a musical story.
A creative project by and with Jens Vermeiren
Jens Vermeiren, piano
Anke Verschueren, word artist
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Sunday 23 APRIL 2023   12:15 & 15:15

Address : Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Bijlokekaai 7 - 9000 Gent


Heritage Day 2023 - Historical tour with concert

Discover the story of one of the oldest concert halls in the world and enjoy a free concert of Flemish music in the Kraakhuis afterwards.
The programme includes a delightful Lied recital with an excerpt from the Liedœuvre of
August De Boeck, Lodewijk Mortelmans and Martinus De Jong.
Babette Craens, piano
Fleur Strijbos, soprano
Lodewijk Mortelmans : Hoe Schoon De Morgendauw, Als de ziele luistert
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Friday 22 APRIL 2023




With intense sadness the Mortelmans Foundation announces the passing of Ivo Schiltz, former founding member / president of our organisation.
As grandson of Lodewijk Mortelmans he was a very devoted family member from the start of this organization.
His contribution is very dear to us and we will continue it every day as a grateful remembrance of his personality.





Sunday 26 MARCH 2023   17:00-18:30

Address : Opera Antwerpen, Frankrijklei 1 - 2000 Antwerp

Friday 24 MARCH 2023   19:00-20:30

Address : Opera Gent, Schouwburgstraat 3 - 9000 Gent

Chamber concert : Nacht und Träume

Werner Van Mechelen, bas-baryton
Jozef De Beenhouwer, piano
Lieder and melodies around the night by Schubert, Schumann, Fauré, Hahn, Debussy, Mortelmans and others.
The lied duo Werner Van Mechelen & Jozef De Beenhouwer is a stronghold.
Both musicians have previously charmed Opera Ballet Vlaanderen audiences with atmospheric and intelligent lied programs. Enter with them into the magical and fascinating realm of the night where German and Flemish romanticism go hand in hand with French poetry.
C’est l’heure exquise, poet Paul Verlaine knew.


Monday 20 MARCH 2023   09:42

WQXR   NEW-YORK   Public Radio
Program :
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Mythe der Lente - Symphonic Poem [10:28]
Silveer Van den Broeck, conductor - VRT Philharmonic Orchestra
MARCO POLO 8.225101

Saturday 11 MARCH 2023

Program : IEDEREEN KLASSIEK [14:00-18:00]
Lodewijk Mortelmans - De kinderen der zee: Dageraad en zonsopgang [09:13]
Zsolt Hamar, conductor - Vlaams Radio Orkest Vlaams Radio Koor
PHAEDRA 92033 - In Flanders' Fields Vol.33




Wednesday 15 FEBRUARY 2023   14:20-14:40

Address : KBR Museum, room ‘Panorama’ - Kunstberg 28, 1000 Brussels


KBR Museum - Public Domain Day 2023

KBR is the national scientific Royal Library of Belgium.
It collects all Belgian publications and preserves, manages and studies a vast cultural and historical heritage of over 8 million documents. It gives the public access to information, facilitates research and offers cultural experiences.
Piet Janssens (KBR Digitisation) gave an overview of the public domain collections they uploaded this year. They unlocked shellac records including lieder by Lodewijk Mortelmans.
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Friday 27 JANUARY 2023   15:10

Lodewijk Mortelmans - Morning Mood [12:42]
Alexander Rahbari, conductor - BRT Philharmonic Brussels
MARCO POLO 8.223418

Friday 20 JANUARY 2023   17:00

WQXR   NEW-YORK   Public Radio
Program :
Lodewijk Mortelmans - Mythe der Lente - Symphonic Poem [10:28]
Silveer Van den Broeck, conductor - VRT Philharmonic Orchestra
MARCO POLO 8.225101

Sunday 15 JANUARY 2023   11:00

Address : Music Instruments Museum, rue Montagne de la Cour 2, 1000 Brussels


MIM - Music Instruments Museum
75 years of Noon Concerts - Middagconcerten Brussels

Piano recital
Jozef De Beenhouwer, piano
Program :
Robert Schumann 1810-1856 'Drei Fantasiestücke, op.111 (1851) :
- 1. Sehr rasch, mit leidenschaftlichem Vortrag
- 2. Ziemlich langsam
- 3. Kräftig und sehr markirt
Clara Schumann 1819-1896 - Romanze in a, op.21 nr.1 (1853) (Andante - Sehr innig bewegt - Tempo I)
Johannes Brahms 1833-1897 - Intermezzo in A, op. 118 nr. 2 (1892)
- Intermezzo in A, op 76 nr. 6 (1878)
Lodewijk Mortelmans 1868-1952 - Het Wielewaalt en Leeuwerkt (1921)
Frédéric Chopin 1810-1849 - Barcarolle, op. 60 (1845-46)


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