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Boterhamstraat 1 - 2000 Antwerp Franck Mortelmans Bertha Schiltz Antoon Mortelmans Frans Mortelmans Ivo Mortelmans Lodewijk Mortelmans

Visits only by appointment : preferably for groups of 10 up to 25 persons
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An own 'home' where the two great artists and their talented family members are put in the spotlight:
* Composers  Lodewijk Mortelmans and his son  Ivo Mortelmans,
* painters  Frans Mortelmans, his brother  Antoon Mortelmans, and niece  Bertha Schiltz, as well as nephew  Franck Mortelmans.
The art circles  De Scalden and  Lumière also receive the necessary attention.

Lumiere De Scalden This privat museum is located nearly 20m away from the parents home at Klapdorp 121, where several generations of the Mortelmans grew up. The exposition rooms are on the first and second floor.
In addition to numerous paintings, photographs, publications and memorabilia on display here, a presentation on the life and work of each of the artists can also be given here on request. This will give your group a good idea of their world and the spirit of the time in and around Antwerp.
The Mortelmans Foundation accommodated here the Bösendorfer quarter grand piano of Lodewijk Mortelmans.
Pianist Philibert Mees had bought the piano from composer and conductor Ivo Mortelmans, son of Lodewijk, and played for many years on this exceptional instrument.
Several pianists, including Jozef de Beenhouwer, Peter Vanhove, Nina Ardashirova, Sylvia Traey, Gabriel Hollander, Fran├žois Glorieux, Kiyotaka Izumi, Polina Chernova, have given us the pleasure of playing on this piano in recent years.
The official opening took place on saturday 30th of april 2011. On this particular day Philip Heylen, alderman of culture of the city of Antwerp, aswell many family members and art lovers came to visit the opening.
Peter Vanhove played some piano works of Lodewijk Mortelmans on the Bösendorfer.

1922 Navea Nr.1NAVEA - SABAM :  Nr 1

1922 - Lodewijk Mortelmans was also founder, founding member and first president of the authors rights association NAVEA, with membership Nr. 1, and was member of the Royal Flemish Academy for Sciences, Literature and Fine Arts.
(NAVEA is the actual SABAM in Belgium)


As token of appreciation SABAM granted a cupper commemorative plate.
Ben Geyselinck and Jan Baeyens (former secretaries) of the 'friends of SABAM' handed it over to Dirk Schiltz.
This plate has been placed on the outside of the Mortelmans house.

NAVEA : DE MUZIEKWARANDE1923 Muziekwarande

From 1922 to 1929 it was a music magazine that more or less functioned as an unofficial monthly magazine from NAVEA. After all, Emiel Hullebroeck was the chief editor and, of course, closely involved with NAVEA as vice-president. From 1930 (as announced in the magazine) to the end in 1932 it was the official magazine of NAVEA.
Edited in 01.01.1923 - The board of NAVEA is composed as follow:
 - Lodewijk Mortelmans, president
 - Lode Bakelmans and Emiel Hullebroeck, vice-president
 - Lode Monteyne, secretary
 - Edward Verheyden, assistant-secretary
 - Frans Van Dyck, treasurer
 - Flor Alpaerts and Jan Broeckx, members


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Huis Mortelmans Antwerpen - Een impressieYouTubeVIDEO - "House Mortelmans Antwerp - An impression"
Video 2017 - Photography: © Dirk Schiltz - Video Production: Jan Baeyens